About Us

Founded in 2007 and Incorporated in 2009, Raail’s history comes from extensive background in the vinyl and automotive paint industry and simply merged the products together to form Xytek in 2010. The concept was first thought of when founder Mark Wease Figliozzi attempting to solve the dilemma of numerous clients being lost to the high cost of permanently refinishing a automobile. With a ever changing society on a budget, Xytek was a hit.

We specialize in the creation, manufacturing and application in the liquid wrap industry and more. Producing various products, colors, care packages and installer programs to help grow this exciting industry. We are compromised of a national and international sales divisions, technical support team and laboratory and testing staff. Located in a 27,000 square foot wet lab and warehouse facility in Baltimore Maryland, we manufacture, ship, engineer, research and develop Raail products. Raail can also private label, develop and manufacture products for your businesses specific application.

“We are still a small business but growing fast. We are in this for the long run and are excited to turn this concept into a reality”

Inventor/Founder – Mark Wease Figliozzi

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