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Think of it as a skin for your car, protecting it just like your skin does for you.

Raail products are composed of advanced thermoplastic, organic and synthetic high tech polymers known for its overall smoothness, easy of spray and durability.

What is AirWrap?

What is Raail Air Wrap?
Raail Air Wrap is a Clear binder for tinting with solid colors, pearls, and Air Wrap drop-ins. There are over 280 drop ins, adding pearls and effects create and endless amount of colors. Raail Air Wrap is sold as individual gallons, car and truck kits. These can be clear or pre-tinted. From DIY clients to professionals, the Pre-tinted kits are designed to achieve the color the customer desires. Raail’s customer service and technical service does this at no extra cost to the customer. Matting agent helps the installer lower the amount of sheen to the level they desire. This is done my putting the product in the final gallon.

Application and Care for you Raail Air Wrap
The key to this product is its simplicity. Wash the vehicle with a degreaser soap and water. Wash the body until it is squeaky clean. For cars 4 years and older, Raail recommends a clay bar treatment. Next, mask the vehicle off with automotive grade masking tape and masking products. Wipe down specific areas with wax and grease remover. These areas include pockets, edges, and any jams.
The goal with applying Air Wrap is to start your coats light and finish wet. As mentioned before, a standard sized car should take 4 gallons and the standard sized truck should take 6 gallons. Extra body panels such as body kits, teannau covers, bed caps, or larger vehicles would require more material.

Washing and Care for you Raail Air Wrap
Raail Air Wrap can be washed the same day that it is applied. Raail does recommend waiting 7 day before using an automated car wash. Taking care of your wrap would be the same as a regular paint job. You can purchase care products from your local auto parts store. These products include car wash soap, liquid wax, and quick detailer.

Raail Air Wrap Key Take Aways
One great feature is that this product is sprayed at a low PSI for maximum transfer efficiency. This helps reduce waste and overspray. Air Wrap is designed to work with any HVLP system The adhesive properties in Air Wrap are designed to work with both newer and older vehicles.
Air Wrap provides automotive grade UV protection and a smooth feel and finish. Air Wrap’s clear binder eliminates the need for excessive amounts of pearls and effects. In most cases, you would only need 25 grams or less per gallon. Air Wrap’s incredible elasticity aids installers when the time comes to remove the material. This is regardless if the wrap had been on the vehicle for 2 days or 2 years. Raail is able to offer an industry exclusive 2-year warranty on its material. This warranty covers premature cracking, fading, and deterioration.
For any questions on the products you saw today or any other questions, feel free to contact us or visit us at Raail.com



What is AW2k (Intermediate)

Raail 2K Clear Video
2k Clear Description
Raail Air Wrap 2K Clear Coat is a 2-part clear coat, designed to be applied over an Airwrapped vehicle.
The clear coat provides added protection, fuel resistance, and higher levels of gloss.
The clear coat is available in both gloss and satin finish.
The clear coat can be purchased in either quarts or gallons.
Application Process
This clear coat is intended to be installed in continuance with a standard Air Wrap install. Rail requires that a 2nd HVLP gun be used specifically for the 2K clear.
Prior to the 2K clear being sprayed, a light coat of Air Wrap clear, pearl, or color must be applied to the vehicle. This coat can consist of the same material that was part of the final gallon of the current Air Wrap install.
This light coat will promote strong adhesion between the current Air Wrap install and the 2K clear install
Allow the material to dry for 30-45 minutes, or until completely flashed over.
Raail 2K Clear is a 2-part system composed of clear coat and activator.
It is vital that the product is mixed 4 parts clear coat and 1 part activator. You will be applying 2-3 wet coats, and can apply as many as 5 coats in your install.
Apply 1 wet coat of 2K clear.
Allow the first coat to dry 10-15 minutes. A great way to test if its dry is to touch the material on the masking tape. If the material does not leave any residue on your finger, then it is ready for the next coat.
Repeat this process until the surface looks clean and uniform

Raail 2K clear activator is available in a variety of speeds. These include fast, medium, and slow. You would use the Fast activator for small surfaces or cold climate. On the opposite, you would use the Slow activator for large surfaces or hot climate. The medium activator would be for in between both climates and sizes.
Depending on activator speed, heat, humidity, and other environmental factors, expect dry times of a few hours
Material will be ready for wash, polish and wax 24 hours after the application
You would clean and care for the 2K clear the same as you would a standard Air Wrap install.
For any questions, contact us or visit us at Raail.com

What is Xytek (Advanced)

Raail Xytek is a Low VOC, 50 state compliant vehicle refinishing system.
The system is comprised of a removable sandable primer, Raail’s Hydra waterborne mid-coat with factory OEM color matching, sea led with a regenerating 2-part clear coat.
This system is the first repairable, removable refinishing system.
System applications can range from clear bra installs to body kit and accessory refinishing.
This product is designed to be used with the 3M Accuspray system
This product line is intended specifically for body shop professionals and collision repair experts.
Please contact us or visit us at Raail.com regarding questions on the Xytek refinishing system and how to be set up as an installer.

Where do I go to have this installed?

We have Certified installers nationwide with a growing network every day. 

Contact us direct and we will find a installer near you.

As to the similar nature, the product can also be applied at any willing paint or auto body shop.

We offer free training to insure your wrap is done properly.

How long does the wrap last?

Product carry’s a two year product replacement warranty to any fading, cracking or yellowing. Proper care can greatly extend the product life as the 2 year warranty is assumed for the highest abuse from the sun and elements. Typical life of the product is 5 years. After 5 years the product will become harder to remove as any vehicle wrap.

How do I care for the product after my install?

Care for the wrap as you would care for your car. Drive through car washes are completely fine including the waxes and protective solutions contained within. Consumer grade products that you would use on your car body will work on this wrap. Vinyl, Leather and Rubber cleaners also work exceptionally well. Carnauba wax can also be used.

Do not use any VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Cleaners or solvents on the wrap. This includes some tire dressings/cleaners, bug and tar removers and professional buffing compounds.

What kind of things can I paint with this?

Essentially anything. The product sticks to not only a car or trucks finish but also and not limited to

  • Urethane and Polyurethane
  • Trim of all sorts
  • Grills & Carbon Fiber
  • Magnesium
  • Aluminum
  • Chrome
  • Glass
  • Vinyl
  • Interior Plastics

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