How to Order

How to plan your order.

Step one:

  • Select your clear base gallons
  • Most cars will need 3 gallons of paint
  • Trucks/vans add 1 gallon
  • High Gloss finish add 1 gallon
  • Clear bumper Bra / wheels will need a half gallon

Step Two: Base coat

  • Chose your base. ┬áThis will be a black base, dark grey base, light grey base.
  • Use a base closest to the color you want. If the same, us a base lighter.
  • Example: White would use a light primer base. Yellow would use a white base, dark blue would use a dark primer. light blue would use a light primer base. Black would use a dark primer.
  • Note: Any color can be used from the ground up. Using the process above insures best results.
  • Note: Effects explained later are used over our white and black base coats. Any color can also be used under effects.

Painting Tip: Light first coats followed by medium coverage coats. Even wet coat not required for your base.

Step Three: Solid Color / Single stage

  • Choose a color from
  • Dark colors typically require 1 drop in tint per car
  • Light colors may require 2 drop in tints per car

Painting Tip: initial coats can be laid for coverage. Final coats should be evenly wet.

Step Four: (Optional) Effects / Pearls / Shifts

  • Add one drop in per gallon to create desired effect. Effects can be used over any base or color including a clear base.

Painting Tip: Increase distance from object. Also increase needle size or lower pressure/PSI. spray for visual appearance

Step Five: (Optional) High Gloss / Satin / Matte

  • Clear coat – your last gallons applied should be clear from the can.
  • Add a matting agent to a gallon for a satin finish. Add two for a matte finish
  • Recommended over any effect /pearls /shift

Painting Tip: Final Coat should be a evenly wet coat. Finer tip size or increases PSI

Any additional questions on how to order contact us directly at 1-301-646-6921

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