Xytek is a synthetic vinyl/ceramic removable coating. Used as a single part, two stage coating for automobiles, motorcycles, commercial trucks and any other creative purpose..

  • Liquid Spray Wrap – Applied to a entire vehicle to change the appearance and to protect the factory coating underneath. Peel off when done to reveal the car the day it was installed.

  • Clear Bra – Always in effect or use as a clear bra on a bumper. Works great on off-road vehicles.

  • Automotive Restoration –  Apply over primer, old paint or bodywork for a quick fast and affordable restoration. Will seal moisture and contaminants. Unwrap later to complete the restoration project or enjoy as is.

  • Chrome or any Metal  – Used to coat chrome bumpers, emblems or any other surface with black or a color to change the look or appearance of the part. Removable, can be used with the adhesion promoter for increased adhesion.

  • Racing and Motorsports – Fast and affordable, currently being used and tested by a race teams. Xytek holds damaged fiberglass together. Later repair fiberglass or metal panels then spray with Xytek. Be back on track fast.

  • Commercial vehicles – Security vehicles, taxi’s and any vehicle that will take the daily abuse. Xytek will protect from minor damage and get your fleet back to work fast. Vinyl graphics stick permanently to the surface. Easily  remove Xytek with the vinyl lettering in one sheet. Don’t waste time with each letter. Protects vehicle from UV and sun damage around vinyl lettering, overall increasing the resale value of the fleet vehicles. Quickly liquid wrap a used fleet vehicle as well to increase its appearance..

  • Interior Plastics – Center consoles, plastics or grilles, re-coat for a change of color or restoration. Use with the adhesion promoter for a permanent application.



Xytek MSDS (click here) 

Xytek low VOC MSDS (click here)


Raail Plasticoat is patent pending and a registered trademark of Raail Plasticoat LLC.

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