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2k Clear Description
Raail Air Wrap 2K Clear Coat is a 2-part clear coat, designed to be applied over an Airwrapped vehicle.
The clear coat provides added protection, fuel resistance, and higher levels of gloss.
The clear coat is available in both gloss and satin finish.
The clear coat can be purchased in either quarts or gallons.
Application Process
This clear coat is intended to be installed in continuance with a standard Air Wrap install. Rail requires that a 2nd HVLP gun be used specifically for the 2K clear.
Prior to the 2K clear being sprayed, a light coat of Air Wrap clear, pearl, or color must be applied to the vehicle. This coat can consist of the same material that was part of the final gallon of the current Air Wrap install.
This light coat will promote strong adhesion between the current Air Wrap install and the 2K clear install
Allow the material to dry for 30-45 minutes, or until completely flashed over.
Raail 2K Clear is a 2-part system composed of clear coat and activator.
It is vital that the product is mixed 4 parts clear coat and 1 part activator. You will be applying 2-3 wet coats, and can apply as many as 5 coats in your install.
Apply 1 wet coat of 2K clear.
Allow the first coat to dry 10-15 minutes. A great way to test if its dry is to touch the material on the masking tape. If the material does not leave any residue on your finger, then it is ready for the next coat.
Repeat this process until the surface looks clean and uniform

Raail 2K clear activator is available in a variety of speeds. These include fast, medium, and slow. You would use the Fast activator for small surfaces or cold climate. On the opposite, you would use the Slow activator for large surfaces or hot climate. The medium activator would be for in between both climates and sizes.
Depending on activator speed, heat, humidity, and other environmental factors, expect dry times of a few hours
Material will be ready for wash, polish and wax 24 hours after the application
You would clean and care for the 2K clear the same as you would a standard Air Wrap install.
For any questions, contact us or visit us at Raail.com

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