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AirWrap™ Truck Kit (Untinted)

AirWrap™ Truck Kit (Untinted)

Beginner to Pro liquid wrap material built for shops or DIY’ers

Even further improved scratch resistances for everyday driving.
Increased performance with addition of pearls with minimal loss of gloss at low levels.
Perfect balance of dry time for hot and cold climates with optional reducers.
Enhanced pigment orientation for use with transparent candy, pearls and lamp tinting applications.
Amplifies matting agent and poly-chromatic effects.
Even further improved self leveling technology for consistent results time and time again.
Optimized anti-run technology promoting even less orange peel.
Created, Made and sold by Raail Performance Coatings.
This kit includes:
This kit comes with your selection of 2 base gallons and 4 clear untinted  gallons for the addition of pearl or drop in tint sold separately.
Choose the base gallon color closest to the color you wish to achieve.

Painting Instructions Click Here
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